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Community Donation Program

The Cream Incorporated Redistribution Program will provide resources for local organizations and individuals enrolled within our Empowerment Program. Items are either presented through community events or online request.

With the Urban Community being the backbone and conveyance of the economy today, sadly, but truthfully; the Urban Community suffers from financial, and social hardships that many have yet to find a cure. It is the firm conviction of this organization that the solution lies within a concerted effort. The Cream Incorporated places emphasis on economic edification through financial sustainability. More times than often, becoming financially stable requires assistance. The Cream Incorporated has Partnered with Local and Regional Business & Organizations to provide those in need with Brand New (displayed) and/or returned products that can be used in everyday life to loosen the grips of struggle and adversity. 

Organizations must be a 501c3, Church, or School and a registered Community Partner of The Cream Incorporated and follow all rules and regulations of product distribution. 

Individuals and Community Groups must be registered in The Cream Incorporated's Community Empowerment Program, and must follow all rules and regulations of receiving donations. (Become a Member) or (Start a Team).

Contact The Cream Incorporated Today to Find out how to sponsor an event in your own community.  You provide the Place and Your Community; we'll provide resources and Donations.


Your Greatest Self.


Got an idea that you feel will empower your community? We want to know about it. Send your Idea Know to enter for a chance to win a $100.00 Grab Bag. All drawings are done monthly and randomly drawn!

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Donations Include:

Baby Products 
Cleaning Supplies

Car Products




Corporate Development

Web Design

Business Consultancy

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