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Fundraising Ambassador

Become One of Our New Fundraising Ambassadors from the Comfort of your Phone or Computer


From the Comfort of Your Phone!

Traditionally Fundraising has been known to be a strenuous act. Join The Cream nonprofit we implement new and innovative ways for individuals to fundraise on behalf of a minority-owned nonprofit, that is 100% Tax deductible and, but most importantly sustains the community through Community Empowerment with the use of smartphones, computers, and the internet.



Service with a Purpose.


Contact us today for opportunities that are convenient, yet dynamic in the concerted effort to Economically and Morally edify the Urban Community Through Socioeconomic Sustainability. Fill out the Application Below to become a Fundraising Ambassador.

Programs & Services Include

Free Business Start-up

Community Engagement
Donation Programs
Mentoring Programs
Community Development 


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