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Our Programs & Services

Our organization provides to the community Free Corporate development services, Publication & Editing Services, Marketing & web design, and a variety of classes and workshops that are geared towards self-sufficiency.  In addition, we also provide PTSD/Trauma Sessions to Individuals that reside within Urban Areas that may have experienced violence and/or drama stemming from Gun Violence, Separation of Households, and Unfortunate situations. It is the idea of our conceptual structure to empower individuals within these communities with the tools and skills that they need to excel at home, school, and in the workplace. By doing so, this will empower small sections of each community that will infectiously spread to the whole.

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Community Resource Center(s)

National President Mwai Leonard

Redistribution Program

Social & Economic Impact 

The Cream incorporated is in constant contact with the Community and Local & State officials to find ways to collaborate to make the community a better place. The Cream Incorporated Strives to create chapters that will expand the vision and mission of The Cream Incorporated. 

The Cream utilizes our mailing list, communication apps, websites, social media, flyers, Community Events, and Word of mouth to create awareness about our organizational activities.


Community Service 


Empowerment Teams 

Employment Support Services

Community Development Skills

Community Service Initiatives

Business Managment

Organization Management

Marketing Consultancy

Financial Planning

501c3 Formation

LLC Formation

From a National Prespective - Current Chapters

The Cream Incorporated represents an amorphous nonprofit organization that provides Community Building through Urban Empowerment and Financial Sustainability. It is the direct Vision of this organization to have substantial growth and productivity within our Michigan/Great Lakes Cream Chapters with the intent of youth leadership expansion throughout the Midwest and the United States. The Cream incorporated is in constant contact with the Community and Local & State officials to find ways to collaborate to fortify this vision.   

Night City

Knowledge Chapter

Ypsilanti, MI
Website Under Construction

Wisdom Chapter 

Inkster, MI
Website Under 

Understanding Chapter

Detroit, MI
Website Under Construction

Culture Chapter

St.Petersburg, Florida

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