The Cream Incorporated 

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The Cream Incorporated is a 501c3 not for profit organization geared towards the economic and moral edification of all Individuals that reside in areas that have been identified as Urban.  It is the direct mission of this organization to promote superior scholarship as basic and intellectual achievement and Cooperate and interact with other organizations and institutions in concern for the maintenance of high moral and social standards of The Urban Community. 

Our organization provides to the community Free Corporate development services, Publication & Editing Services, Marketing & web design, and a variety of classes and workshops that are geared towards self-sufficiency.  In addition, we also provide PTSD/Trauma Sessions to Individuals that reside within Urban Areas that may have experienced violence and/or drama stemming from Gun Violence, Separation of Households, and Unfortunate situations. It is the idea of our conceptual structure to  empower individuals within these communities with the tools and skills that they need to excel at home, school, and in the workplace. By doing so, this will empower small sections of each community that will infectiously spread to the whole.

With the appropriate management, IT infrastructure,  and clearly documented organizational policies and procedures the organization will be able to determine the effectiveness of services and programming. This will also give the organization the clarity needed to foresee growth. At the Current moment the organization is self sufficient in every aspect.  Relentless efforts to obtain funding and In-Kind Donations are constant.

National Board

Mwai Leonard
National President

Srikar Chiravuri
National Represenative

Everett Stephenson
Office of Corporate Affairs

Devin King
Director of Programming

Community Officers

Tosh Kawaguchi
Community Partnerships 

Tru Ajani
Outreach Coordinator

Korey Batey
Community Assessment


Chet Pitts

Domonic Hamilton

National Captain
Available Email:
National Secretary
Available Email:
Up to Date Logo.jpg