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Community Service

The Cream Incorporated relies heavily on the support of the community and Volunteers.

Community Service

From the Comfort of Your Phone!

Traditionally Community Service has been known to be a strenuous act. Join The Cream non profit as we implement new and innovative ways for individuals to fulfill the obligation of community service, but most importantly sustaining the community through Community Empowerment with the use of smart phones, computers, and the internet.


Service with a Purpose.


Contact us today for opportunities that are convenient, yet dynamic in the concerted effort to Economically and Morally edify the Urban Community Through Socioeconomic Sustainability.

Opportunities Include

Clerical Work
Social Media Management
Documentation Preparation
Information Dissemination 


All Community Service Hours Satisfy all
Local, State, and Federal Requirements.

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Up to Date Logo.jpg

Email: ContactUs@TheCream.org

Phone: (855) 202-1955

Registered Charity: 82-3833981

With so many things going on, be the first to be informed. 

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