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Empowerment Teams will empower their Community Through local offerings such as free community-based programming, social therapy through restorative practice, The Cream seeks to teach and help under-served individuals. As part of its initiative to help build better businesses (for-profit and nonprofit), The Cream provides publishing and editing services, mixed media marketing/ web design services, as well as LLC filing/corporate business startup within the context of consultative development. 

The problem is THIS: the reality of the hardships/pressures that Urban communities face are financial, infrastructural, and social. Current solutions and alternatives yield unproductive and illegal activities derived from within escapism to hopelessly claw at such challenges. The solution is self-sufficiency; to develop personal skills and tools to grow and excel at home, in school, and/or in the workplace.

Community Empowerment Teams are given technical and tactical support from our National Headquarters located in South Lyon, Michigan and are a Pro-Active solution to violence and the cornerstone of all crime prevention and Economic and Social Sustainability for the Urban Community. It enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with Businesses, Organizations, and local law enforcement to reduce burglaries, shootings, Murders, Rape, and Property Crimes while increasing the self sufficiency of individual areas communities. Its primary purpose is the protection, growth, and sustainability of each  Urban area.

Community crime prevention programs are a proven and effective means to substantially reduce not only the incidence of violence in a specified geographical area, but the incidence of other crimes. A good neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever invented. This program will help deter crime and violence in The Urban Community.





These sessions will vigorously support Members of The  Community Establish, Grow, and Sustain grassroots neighborhood organizations, block clubs, and community groups (otherwise known as empowerment teams) that have the desire to create change in their community through the power of hard work! These Empowerment Sessions Workshops are designed for training programs, neighborhood planning, and basic consulting services to help Neighborhoods move from idea to action.




Community crime prevention programs (such as this) are a proven and effective means to substantially reduce not only the incidence of violence in a specified geographical area, but the incidence of other crimes. A good neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever invented. This program will help deter crime and violence in areas that need it the most.

What Comes Out of This



Community Neighborhood watch Teams will utilize the 501c3 status of The Cream Incorporated and create budgets and narratives to support the following areas:

  • CHILD & FAMILY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS – This program will focus on three major programs for children and families including Pre-Head Start Education, Healthy Families, and Parent Education & Support programs.

  • ENERGY / DONATION SERVICES – This program is to assist low-income households in need of basic services such as utility assistance and household products.

  • HOUSING SOLUTIONS – This program will provide deposit and rental assistance to households earning less than 60% of the median income. 

  • HOUSING REHABILITATION – This program will focus on community members, businesses, and organizations assisting low-income families with repairs to their homes.

  • HOUSING DEVELOPMENT – This program will promote resources and information to affordable housing opportunities for residents by offering quality education, supportive services, client advocacy, and financial/budget counseling.

  • SENIOR SERVICES PROGRAMS - This Program will focus on Senior Services Programs that will provide a variety of services for seniors who are 60 years of age and over.

  • VETERAN'S SERVICES – This program will focus on resources and information for referral services, advocacy and assistance, and support and representation to Veterans.

  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT TEAMS – This program will focus on Groups of volunteers that organize safe and legal measures in collaboration with local law enforcement to ensure Community Safety

  • An increased sense of responsibility and control. These programs help citizens feel empowered in their everyday lives, which can help reduce fear and may lead to an increased sense of personal security.

  • Greater unity within neighborhoods. Regular meetings bring neighbors together to talk and get to know one another. This leads to a greater sense of unity within the neighborhood and can also bring neighbors together as friends.

  • Improved relations with law enforcement. Crime watch programs increase contacts between neighbors and law enforcement, leading to more productive and comfortable relationships.

  • Better community unity. Having something in common, like membership in a Neighborhood Watch Program, brings people together and builds community unity.

  • Improved quality of life. When crime goes down, the quality of life improves for residents. Safer neighborhoods mean happier residents and a better place to live.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic is creating an evolving situation with varied impacts around the world and across the states. Rest assured that The Cream Incorporated and all Subordinate entities will continue to serve The Urban Community with essential services and programs that are needed to sustain through these times, and ensure that we come out of this situation stronger than ever. Programs and Services will continue to operate in accordance with local, state, and federal procedures, laws, and ordinances.

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